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Crystal Collection - Positivity

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This collection was curated to promote positive thoughts, emotions, and energies; while dispelling the negative. Each stone offers powerful healing properties!

SELENITE - Dispels negativity
BLACK TOURMALINE - Clears negative thoughts; Encourages positive attitudes
CHRYSOCOLLA - Stone of empowerment; Eases fear and anxiety
SMOKY QUARTZ - Removes negative energy; Increases positive frequencies
RED AVENTURINE- Encourages self-forgiveness and confidence; Restores sense of humor and optimism

  • Contents include: 1- Selenite, 1- Red Aventurine, 1- Black Tourmaline, 1- Chrysocolla, 1- Smoky Quartz, 1- Stone Meanings Card, 1- Stamped canvas pouch
  • Tumbled stones approx. 0.5” to 1" length; Selenite and Tourmaline approx. 2 to 3”
  • Each stone is unique. Size and color will vary.